Programs and Services

Parent Voice with Continuous Improvement
The aim of our school governance work is to develop the knowledge and skills of school team members to involve parents and students of LCAP target groups in shared decision making for school improvement. Specifically, we provide technical assistance with the formation and democratic election of School Governance Teams. 
Academic Parent Teacher Teams (APTT)
At the school-wide level, replacing traditional parent-teacher conferences with APTT is the most effective strategy to directly improve student achievement through teacher-parent communication. We help teachers develop the knowledge and skills for engaging and communicating with families through APTT; in turn, teachers offer parents knowledge and skills to support their children’s achievement. To do this, we facilitate a Training of Trainers series for central office staff to support school site staff with APTT. We also facilitate site-based staff trainings, and workshops for parents led by teachers.
Parents Raising the BAR (Behavior, Attendance, Reading) Parent Leadership Development & Support
Our Parents Raising the BAR Leadership Development program is an 8-week series of workshops that offer parents the knowledge, skills and confidence to engage other parents at their school sites with academic topics to support their children’s achievement. Topics include Common Core, graduation, college readiness, reading, behavior, and school culture.
Parent Volunteer Infrastructure & Support
We help establish structures for parent volunteering and engagement in schools. We offer site-based parent volunteer screening, orientation, and training. Our goal is to recruit at least 100 new parent volunteers each year. Click here to learn more about how to become a parent volunteer.  
Family Engagement Toolkit Promotion & Training
The OUSD Family Engagement Toolkit is designed to help build the capacity of school leadership teams to implement systemic family engagement at their sites, guided by the District’s theory of action and standards for family engagement. The online Toolkit is made up of tools and resources that school leaders can use to engage families in student achievement and school improvement. Click here to visit the Toolkit.