Data Night Planning Sheet

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Data Night Planning Sheet

Step 1: Choose a date and time when most parents will be able to attend




Step 2: Offer dinner and childcare to make it easy for families to participate

Child care person(s):______________________________________________________________

Room for childcare:_______________________________________________________________

Who will order food?______________________________________________________________

Step 3: Create an outreach plan. Most effective ways of reaching families are phone calling and face to face invites. Create a flyer that can be sent home as well. If you have families that communicate using email, make sure to also send the flyer out with an email.

Who will create the flyer?


How will flyer get to families?


Who will make phone calls?


Who will talk to parents face to face?


Step 4: Create the agenda. Decide who will lead the meeting and what roles other people need to play. For example:

  • Who will open the meeting and welcome families?________________________________
  • Who will give the presentation?________________________________________________
  • Who will lead small group discussions?__________________________________________
  • Who will close the meeting?___________________________________________________
  • What are the next steps?______________________________________________________

Step 5: Other Logistics. Make sure you have everything ready for your event.

  • Sign-In Sheet
  • Agenda
  • Data packet
  • Evaluation
  • Chart paper
  • Markers
  • Pens