About Family Engagement in OUSD

• Standards for Meaningful Family Engagement
• Theory of Action
• Programs and Services


The Family Engagement Office seeks to inspire, engage, and support the students, families, and communities of OUSD to become authentic co-owners of our schools who share responsibility for every student becoming college and career ready. We are building dual capacity of both parent and staff knowledge and skills, to engage families with learning and with shared decision making. We provide:

1. Parent leadership development and support for parents and site family liaisons

2. Site based all staff training on academic parent-teacher partnerships

3. Support for developing parent volunteer infrastructure

4. Professional learning for school governance teams on engaging families with site planning and continuous improvement. More specifically, our work includes:

  • In partnership with site based staff, we serve approximately 50 parent leaders, who involve an additional 2,000 parents across 20 schools, through site based parent-teacher workshops on reading, attendance, behavior and school culture, and the common core state standards.
  • In partnership with community based and grassroots organizations, we place approximately 400 screened volunteers across 30 schools, and recognize their efforts annually.
  • Beginning in 2014-15, in partnership with Quality Assessments & Analytics (QAA) and State and Federal departments, we will offer quarterly capacity building summits for site governance teams, and share best practices for engaging students, parents, community with site planning for continuous school improvement.

For more, visit our page on the OUSD website. Below, watch a video on the importance of family engagement in student success.